Engineering Plans & Record Files

Civil Consultants maintains plan and record files on all of our surveys.  In addition, we have plans, records and field books for a number of surveyors and survey companies from the local area who are no longer in business,.  Our records include work from:

  • Civil Consultants* (South Berwick and York)
  • Anderson-Livingston (formerly in York)
  • Anderson Associated (formerly in York)
  • Vess Irving (formerly in Ogunquit)
  • Plato Houliares (formerly in York)
  • Village Engineering (formerly in Ogunquit)
  • Moulton Engineering (formerly in Kittery – Maine records only)
  • Grant Davis (formerly in Dover, NH – Maine Records only)
  • Maynard Trafton (formerly in Wells)

*  Some plans prepared by CIVIL CONSULTANTS may require client permission prior to release.

  • Our fees to search our archives for an plan are based on the time spent on the request. All estimated fees will be sent to the client for approval before any work is done.
Request Plans
  • Requests for plans may be made by fax at (207) 384-2112 or by filling out the form below. No work will begin until the research fee payment is received.
Archived Plan Research Form

The more information that you provide, the greater the likelihood that we will find the requested plan. Please include as many of the following items that you have:

**PLEASE NOTE: If an AutoCAD file is desired, please contact us at (207) 384-2550 to discuss fees and availability.

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